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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy Between Salon Visits

July 1, 2022

Taking good care of your hair at home doesn't have to involve spending lots of time and money. These simple tips will keep your locks healthy and strong, and help you to enjoy soft and shiny hair every day. Check out these expert tips from our hairdressers in Exeter.

1. Find A Routine That Works For You - And Stick To It

Make sure you regularly take the time to properly wash and condition your hair. It can be tempting to skip conditioning on busy days, but conditioner makes your hair softer, shiner, and easier to manage, making it well worth the extra effort. Exactly how often your hair needs washing will depend on your hair type, with thick hair able to be washed less often than thinner hair.

Investing in good quality products prevents build-up and ensures even distribution from your roots to your ends. Consider treating your hair to a hair mask once a week, this will add extra moisture and reduce breakage and frizz.

Add some excitement to your haircare routine by trying out new brands and products. Pop into our Exeter hair salon to browse our range of high quality shampoos and conditioning treatments. 

2. Turn Down The Heat

Try to keep the use of heated styling tools, such as straighteners, to a minimum. Excessive heat can cause damage to your hair cuticles, leading to breakage and split ends. 

Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible, or let it dry naturally for a while and then finish it off with a hairdryer. Some hair straighteners have a setting that allows you to reduce the temperature while still working effectively. Reducing the level of heat, and the amount of time that your hair is exposed to heat, will help to reduce any damage.

When using heated styling tools, always apply a primer, heat protection spray, or an oil. Call into our hair salon in Exeter to browse the range of products we have on offer or ask for advice about the best heat protection products to use for your hair type.

3. Leave Cutting To The Professionals 

However tempted you might feel to give your own hair a trim, this is best left to the professionals. If you’re struggling with split ends and won’t be able to get to a salon for a while, try leaving a hair mask or treatment in overnight. This will deeply nourish your hair and help stop them from getting worse.

If your fringe needs a cut and you can’t get to a salon, use this as an opportunity to try a new style by either twisting and pinning it to the side or pinning it into a quiff. If you really can’t resist the urge to trim it yourself make sure that the rest of your hair is securely tied back, flatten your fringe against your forehead, and trim it bit by bit using the pointed part of your scissors.

Regular cuts carried out by a professional are essential to keep your hair in good condition. Book an appointment with one of our experienced Exeter hairdressers if your hair is in need of a trim, a restyle, or something in between.

4. Find The Right Products

Whether your hair is thick or fine, curly or straight, using the right products for your hair type will help to keep it looking at its best between salon visits.

If you dye your hair, make sure that your shampoo and conditioner helps to maintain your colour rather than stripping it away. Sulfate-free shampoos gently clean your hair without drying it out or irritating your scalp, and are the best choice for coloured hair. 

Visit our Exeter salon which carries a range of premium products that are tailored to different hair types. Our colourists are always happy to advise on the best products to use to keep your colour looking salon fresh for as long as possible. 

5. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

There are a number of vitamins and minerals which contribute to strong and healthy looking hair. These include:

  • Vitamin B7: found in eggs, shellfish, mushrooms, nuts and seeds
  • Selenium: found in cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, eggs, and fish
  • Zinc: found in cheese, shellfish, meat, nuts, seeds and wholegrains
  • Copper: found in wholegrains, shellfish, pulses, dried fruit, nuts and seeds

If you struggle to include these vitamins and minerals in your diet you could try taking a multivitamin which contains them, or try one of the many vitamin supplements on the market which promote healthy hair.

If you are thinking of trying a new colour, or just fancy a trim, book an appointment at our friendly hairdressers in Exeter. Our experienced stylists and colourists are always happy to share their expert tips and advice to help get your hair looking and feeling at its best.

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