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5 Instagrammable Costume Ideas For At Home Halloween

October 15, 2020

Though it looks like Halloween celebrations will be kept to a minimum this year, that doesn't mean we aren't going to dress up! And what's the best way to show everyone your 2020 Halloween costume without going out partying? Instagram, of course. We've put together 5 easy Halloween costumes along with ideas for the Instagram picture to go with it. And they are truly terrifying...

1. Elle Woods

Everyone's favourite glamorous lawyer, Elle Woods, is such an easy Halloween costume to pull off! Straight from the early 2000s, all you need is pink clothes and blonde hair. Use a hairband (bonus points if it's pink) or clips to secure your hair in the half up half down bouffant we all know and love. And for the Instagram pic, add some oversized shades, a toy chihuahua and BEND AND SNAP.

2. Marilyn Monroe

Arguably this could be a little more Halloween-y than the others as she is actually dead. But let's be honest, none of these costumes are going to scare anyone - it's a bit of fun though. Go all out and recreate Marilyn's signature pin curls if you fancy a challenge or invest in a wig. Posing with a scandalous white dress and a fan hitting you on full blast from below will make a good picture for the gram.

3. Princess Leia

The most recognisable thing about Leia is of course - the hair! Recreate her iconic space buns at home (or get a wig if you're struggling). Her 2 most iconic outfits have got to be the all white dress or the gold bikini, so depending on how daring you're feeling on a chilly October evening, take your pick. You could make it into a couples costume and see if your other half is willing to dress as Luke Skywalker (or Jabba the Hutt) for a wild Instagram pic.

4. Heathers

Last year we saw an influx of Cher Horowitz from Clueless costumes (which was a great moment) but this year we're going to suggest a different iconic 90s girl gang. Heathers. The video above is from the Heathers Musical, but the original film went down in history for its trademark outfits and quotable lines. This is best done with 2 of your girlfriends, each Heather centers around one colour (yellow, green or red) and it's a really simple outfit to put together. Oversized blazer, tennis skirt and knee high socks. Pose for your Instagram pic with croquet mallets in hand and a sickly sweet smile on your face.

5. Witches From The Craft

Another great costume idea if you're seeing a couple close friends. Nancy Downs (played by Fairuza Balk) truly terrified us in this film. If you're into the 90s revival then this is perfect for you, the clothes in the craft are essentially just 90s school girl goth. Makeup wise, think heavy black eyeliner and pale white skin. You could take such a great witchy coven photo for Instagram, draw a pentagram on the floor with chalk and surround yourself with candles for the ultimate Halloween post.

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