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Lockdown Hair Inspiration To Make You Feel Better

April 28, 2020

Day number 2049368 of lockdown (it feels like, at least). For a lot of us, our hair has now become a tangled mess of dark roots, ravenous for moisture.  Just so you know, you're not alone out there! If you're not lucky enough to live with a hairdresser, it's likely that you've played with the idea of a box dye. Well stop right there, sister. Show your support by waiting for us! Save your roots and let your hair grow long, we can't wait to see you (hopefully) soon.

If you're feeling down about the state of your locks, here's some lockdown hair inspiration;

  1. Dua Lipa

Everyone's favourite pop goddess debuted her pink hair on Instagram. Though this is NOT us encouraging you to box dye your hair pink, just look at the display of her roots. They're out and they're proud. If it's good enough for Dua Lipa, it's good enough for us.

2. Margot Robbie

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A post shared by @ margotrobbie on

Ok, so this was pre-lockdown. Somehow Margot Robbie makes blonde hair/dark roots glamorous? This has lead to the birth of our new mantra: My roots are beautiful. I look like Margot Robbie. My roots are beautiful. I look like Margot Robbie.
Say this at least 10 times in front of the mirror everyday.

3. Chrissy Teigan

This looks just like us, if we were rich and had flawless skin. The high bun and scrunchie combo has been our lockdown mooood. It's nice to see a celeb reflecting that. Plus is anyone else working on their manicures? ?‍♀️

4. Gabrielle Union

One thing lockdown is good for is giving your hair a breather. Gabrielle Union shows off her natural locks, using isolation as a break from her braids. Use this time to repair your hair! Go a few days between washes, lay off the straighteners and treat yourself to a conditioning mask, if you can. Then your hair will be ready to be bleached into oblivion when lockdown is lifted.

5. Molly-Mae

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Everyday looks like this?? Jumpsuit @prettylittlething

A post shared by MOLLY-MAE (@mollymaehague) on

One half of everyone's fave Love Island couple. Molly shows off her dark roots with some cute space buns! If there was ever a time to learn some new updos and plaits, it's now. Get watching some tutorials on Youtube and by the time lockdown is lifted you'll be a pro.

6. Mona Lisa

Possibly the most iconic brunette in history, letting her greys come through like a gracious queen. Showing us all how it's done.

7. Halsey

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A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey) on

If in doubt, wear a hat/scarf/headband. One way to keep you distracted from your unruly locks is to cover it up with a hat. Or pretend you're at a spa and wear your bath towel on your head all day. Anything to keep the box dye temptation away.


We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who isn't stuck at home all day thinking about what to do with their hair, but is still working. Thank you key workers!

We're donating 20% of our gift voucher sales to the RD&E Hospital Charity to say a little thank you to those who need it the most. You can purchase our gift cards online here. 

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