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The Hair Boutique - Finalists in This Year’s Exeter Living Awards

May 20, 2019

The most prestigious businesses in Exeter gather each year at the Exeter Living Awards, held at Exeter University, to highlight the best local services of the city. There are over 20 business categories and awards that go with them. To be nominated as a finalist for an Exeter Living Award is a dynamic accolade.

This special event fills the University’s Main Hall with over 400 people, and has an exciting atmosphere filled with glamour, music and a thrilling awards presentations.

The event has become a huge celebration for not only the businesses, but Exeter as a city as well. It is a night where you truly are surrounded by greatness.

To be eligible to enter, you need to be a local business in Exeter and have the backing of satisfied customers. In other words, the local business needs to have a 5-Star reputation by providing outstanding service and tremendous value to their city.

Once a business builds up that reputation, it can be time to enter into the Exeter Living Awards and compete to be a finalist in their chosen category. The Hair Boutique set out to enter to be considered as one of the best local Hair & Beauty businesses in 2019, and that’s exactly what they did!

There were hundreds of submissions and nominations in this category and only seven were considered for the prestigious award.

After submitting our application and being intensely reviewed by a panel of independent judges, The Hair Boutique became a finalist for the Hair & Beauty category, and were invited to the Exeter Living Awards ceremony.

Impressive Business Profile

Judges were extremely impressed with The Hair Boutique’s overall body of work and the amount of support from their loyal customers. With nearly 20 different types of services and a professional team of more than 15 experts in their field, The Hair Boutique has become a popular place to make you feel amazing!

Offering professional hair treatments at affordable prices in a relaxing, comfortable and friendly environment has really set The Hair Boutique over the edge.

The support from repeat customers?

Simply incredible, and the amount of support overwhelmed the judges and highlighted what The Hair Boutique is all about – to make everyone “feel amazing.”

Nearly every customer that walks in and out of their doors raves about all of their stylists, how they are highly trained, friendly, professional and produce results!

Part of being a successful local business owner, and reaching the level of expert status, is treating everyone with respect. This not only includes the customers, but also their staff, suppliers and anyone else that a business comes in contact with.

The Hair Boutique was a finalist in this year’s Exeter Living Awards because of how we treat the people in our City.

The next time you are looking for a Hair & Beauty salon in Exeter, you know exactly where to go, and you know exactly how you will feel after you’re done – Amazing!

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