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Our Favourite Creative Cuts And Colours

March 5, 2020

Our job as Stylists is to make your dream hair come to life. Sometimes that is with a natural blonde balayage, sometimes that is with a neon pink toner. We love both! If you're thinking of taking your next hair appointment outside the box, here's a lil bit of creative cut and colour inspiration.

Creative restyles:

1. Over Ear Undercut

Undercuts are back, baby! An undercut is a section of shaved hair, traditionally at the nape of the neck. However, you can step outside the undercut box with an over ear undercut. It's the perfect hint of rebellion and ideal if you're looking to add some edge to your look.

2. Asymmetrical

Our Style Executive created this asymmetrical lob for her 14 year old client. We all fell in love! It's a creative spin on a classic asymmetrical bob.  We love the exaggeration and the courage to break the norm.

3. Disconnected undercut

We've seen the over ear undercut, now we present to you: the disconnected undercut. Also known as the wrap around undercut. It's business on top and party at the bottom.

4. The Long/Short

This is a biiiig undercut, half a head to be precise - enough to make your mother gasp. But we love our clients being unapologetically themselves! This punky long hair/short hair vibe was so fun to create!


Creative Colours

1.Hidden Purple

As opposed to going an all over purple, Nicky's client has grey on top and purple underneath. In addition to embracing the grey, it's giving us a big slice of colourful individuality. Which we love.

2. Fiery Balayage

Although we are very partial to a natural looking blonde balayage, we looove this red spin on a a balayage. As well as looking incred, it is so much fun for our Stylists experiment with this colour.

3. Neon

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? The Goldwell Elumen shades have landed ?⠀ We had so much fun last week experimenting with the new colours! Here's our Stylist, Tia, with a pink upgrade ?⠀ If you're as excited as us for bright hair, why not book in a free consultation to have a chat with one of our Stylists. Call 01392 499162 or send us a DM.⠀ Read about the new Goldwell colours available to us here:⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #GoldwellUK #Goldwellelumen #goldwellelumenplay #elumenplay #exeter #hairboutiqueexeter #beforeandafter #pinkhair #brighthair #neonpinkhair #neonpink #hotpink #iamgoldwell #Goldwellsalon #devon #loveexeter #exeteruni #exeteruniversity @Goldwelluk #instahair #potd #hairgoals #maneinterest

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Whilst we were having training for the new Goldwell Elumen Play shades, Ross did this all over pink for our Stylist, Tia. In other words, we were all dying to see just how bright these shades were and Tia was nominated as tribute. We were not disappointed. To say her hair was glowing is an understatement ?

4. Pastel Princess

You've seen neon pink, now we present to you: pastel pink. Not only does it look adorable, it also makes us hungry for candyfloss. It's so important to use colour protecting shampoos and conditioners when you go any colour. But it's particularly important with pastel colours as they can fade quickly with the wrong products.

5. Frostbite

We are all drooling over this icy blonde - we looove the tint of blue. However, platinum blonde is by far the hardest colour to achieve and definitely the hardest to upkeep. So we know this is probably going to remain just a hair fantasy for us.

6. Two Tone

Perfect for the more indecisive of us, why pick one colour when you can have two? Half grey half brown executed beautifully by our Style Executive, Ljiljana ?


If you're thinking of getting a creative restyle or colour, book in your free consultation with one of our Stylists so we can discuss your ideal hair! Call us on 01392 499162 or book online here.

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