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Quick And Easy Halloween Hair Ideas

October 21, 2019

If you're anything like us, you'll be trying to scramble together a last minute Halloween costume this week. It's tricky to think of something original, whilst not spending a fortune. We present to you: Halloween costumes that are all about the hair. 6 costumes that are easy to recreate, and killer Halloween hair ideas.

1.Lydia Deetz

From Beetlejuice, everyone's favourite goth, Lydia Deetz. The most recognisable thing about Lydia is her signature spiked fringe. This is ideal if you have a fringe, or it's easy to recreated with a clip in fringe and some hair gel. Separate the fringe into sections and gel them together, add hairspray if you want extra hold. Backcomb the rest of your hair and create a messy half-up-half-down look. Once you've got the hair right, just throw on some long black clothes (if you can't afford the iconic red wedding dress) and you're sorted.

2. Ariana Grande

Possibly the least scary but easiest halloween look to achieve, Ariana Grande. All you need is a super long ponytail. You can get cheap hair extensions online or from Halloween shops, clip them in and you're golden. Scoop your hair into a tight ponytail and a couple of hair clips. Here's Kourtney Kardashian showing us how it's done - granted her hair extensions probably cost more than our yearly salary. Pair with an oversized jumper or a babydoll dress and thigh high boots. Very scary.

3. Wednesday Addams

So you may not be the only Wednesday Addams at the party, but it's such a simple look to create. Two plaits, a black dress with a white collar and a resting bitch face. Wednesday's middle parted plaits are tight and sleek, so go against your urges to create volume and texture. If you have flyaways, you can use hairspray to slick them back.

4. Harley Quinn

Until the release of the Birds Of Prey film next year, we're still going to be obsessed with this iconic Harley Quinn look. One for the blondes out there, all you need is temporary hair colour spray. At this time of the year, you can get hair colour spray from supermarkets or Halloween shops. If your hair is quite dry and damaged, consider spending a little bit more and get some non permanent spray from a trustworthy hair brand, like KMS. Tie your hair into two ponytails, add texture and mess with dry shampoo and spray one side pink and the other blue.

If you want to DIY your costume, just stick to blue, white and red colours and voilà!

5. 60's

Tarantino's ninth film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, brought with it a 60's revival. If you've got a turtleneck, miniskirt and some patent leather boots, you're already half way there. We're not going to lie, Sharon Tate's hair does require a bit of skill. You can follow 60's blow dry tutorials on YouTube. If you have the time, pop into your local salon for a bouncy blow dry. Failing that, you can go for the 60's straight hair, which just requires straighteners.

6. Bride Of Chucky

When it comes to Halloween hair ideas, the Bride of Chucky is pretty much a dream. All it requires is short blonde curls (that you can achieve with any curling wand) and a dark root. Fear not, you don't need to grow your roots out, you can use temporary colour spray to create a dark root. A lot of this look is with the makeup - go for a deep red lip and black eyeliner. The costume is so simple, it's just a white dress and a black leather jacket. Perhaps leave the knife at home, though.

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