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The Career Of A Stylist

October 15, 2019

Following our exciting news that Ljiljana has been promoted to Style Executive, we wanted to explain a little bit about the hierarchy and career of a Stylist. It takes a lot of time and experience for a Stylist to work their way up in a salon. For us, it's amazing to watch budding apprentices become colour experts in our salon. We always encourage our Stylists to further their skills with extra courses so that they can give the best possible service to their clientele.


For most budding hairdressers, their career begins with an apprenticeship. Apprentices receive a lot of training from experienced hair stylists. They learn by watching Stylists and practising on doll heads (at first), and then move onto cutting models hair. The benefit of having an apprenticeship is the hands on experience - apprentices will get a real taste of what it is like to work in a salon and can even start building a rapport with clients. Apprentices become masters of blow drys and post wash head massages ??‍♀️.


When an apprentice qualifies as a Stylist, they are confident in cutting and colouring hair and have the certificate to show for it. Stylists have excellent product knowledge and start to build a clientele. Our Stylists are very talented at cuts and colour, they've mastered balayage and can create a flawless colour melt.

Senior Stylist


Above a Stylist is a Senior Stylist. A Senior Stylist has built a loyal clientele and has a wealth of experience. With more experience comes more training, a Senior Stylists can choose to have further specialist training. In our salon, a number of our Senior Stylists have travelled to London to complete their Goldwell ColourMastery. Created by the world's most elite group of hair colourists, completing the ColourMastery means the Stylist has the highest level of Goldwell colour expertise. Senior Stylists are skilled in precision cuts and colouring techniques such as teasylights. Only a Senior Stylist and above can carry out colour corrections.

Style Executive

A Style Executive has an extremely long list of clientele, if you want an appointment you'll have to grab one in advance! Style Executives have years of hairdressing experience. On top of being a Goldwell ColourMaster, they may have other experience like partaking in London Fashion Week. Style Executives are masters at creative cuts, both gent's and women's, and platinum card blondes. Tricky colour corrections are no problem and they have the creative flair to create beautiful updos.

Style Director

Style Director is the highest level Stylists can reach in our salon. Our Style Director, Nicky Mills has been hairdressing for over 20 years and has mastered it all. Nicky has gone onto teaching budding Stylists and has a large clientele that would never dream of getting their hair cut by anyone else.


When it comes down to promoting Stylists, it's all about experience. The higher up the ladder you go, the more expertise, skills and specialist cuts/colours you can get. A Stylist will naturally progress with experience and happy clients!

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