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The Hair Accessories of Instagram You Need For Autumn

September 2, 2019

This summer we have thoroughly been slapped in the face with the hair accessories of Instagram. With only one month of summer left (?), we're looking at the trends that will continue through autumn, and where you can buy them for cheap! We're also dropping our prediction of the hair accessory trend you will see all over Instagram through summer's final stint, so you can beat the influencers.

Padded headbands

These padded headbands went down a storm on Prada's Spring 2019 runway and have been a favourite with Instagram models since. Sure to be a head turner on the street; the padded headbands offer a high impact look, with minimal effort. Hair out of your face? check. Hides greasy hair? check. Channels your inner Blair Waldorf? check.
The fun part of this headband is playing with proportions, the hard part of wearing this headband is trying to wear it and not resemble Megamind. Wearing your hair down will even out your proportions so you can feel glam on the go.

The Prada ones are going for £170 a pop (£400+ for embellished). If, like us, you don't have those spare pennies lying around, ASOS stock some great £10 alternatives that are still ?.

Supersize scrunchies

Scrunchies are no secret, they've been back into mainstream fashion for a while now. Popular with mums, kids, Instagram baddies and celebrities, they're a great way to add a little something extra to your outfit. This new wave of scrunchie has been made popular by a vintage shop in America, and it's REALLY a little something extra.


The delicate layers of fabric, poufed so romantically, measure 9" in diameter. That's a lot of scrunchie for your buck. Not only are they hair accessory heaven, they're also sustainable. Roomshopvintage use recycled fabrics and leftover materials to create these supersized scrunchies. They're available in an array of colours and materials, including chiffon, silk and satin. We need one of each for every occasion. It may swallow up any short haired ponytails out there, but it's like having a bunny tail for your locks.

Sadly for us in the UK, they are a US based company so while the scrunchies are a very reasonable $20, there's some expensive shipping involved on top. It's only a matter of time before big fast fashion brands catch on and produce their own £5 versions, but for us it's worth supporting the independent sustainable brands, so we may be splashing out on payday.

Barrettes, baby

You can't talk about the hair accessories of Instagram and not spot a trendy hair clip. It has become the more clips, the merrier, and we're not complaining. They're easy, perfect for hiding flyaways and bed head and look edgy AF. Anything goes; tortoiseshell, studs, gems, pearls. Crack out your grandmother's jewellery box because it's time to go digging.

We love a good slogan barrette, and you can take your pick from a wide array because the market is saturated ATM. They're a great way to express yourself through fashion. Need to ask a friend for that money back that they borrowed? There's a glistening hair clip for that. These clips feel more boisterous than your average hair bow or ribbon, they're perfect to add a bit of edge to your look for a night out or festivals.

Some proof from celebrity hair stylist, Justine Marjan, that your hair clips don't have to break the bank. Luckily for us, bobby pins are a statement now, so everyone form an orderly queue at Claire's. Simply effective, bobby pins are really versatile. They've been exposed on the red carpets by the likes of Jourdan Dunn but are also something we can wear to work, so thumbs up from us.

Chunky yet delicate, pearl barrettes have swept Instagram by storm. Who knows if you're getting married, going to the club or just popping down the shop? Dress 'em up or down, they're sure to make you feel like an organised, put together woman. A quick search online and you'll find an abundance of pearly clips. If you love having one of a kind accessories, check out Etsy or Depop for handmade pearl clips.

All the bows

Bows have been in and out of the hair accessory world, but this years runways firmly confirm their return. Used in any which way possible, loosely tied on a ponytail by Chanel or placed on a topknot by Rodarte, you can find a way to rock a bow.

Bows were a favourite in the playground, adding a bow clip or tie to the back of your hair will make sure the look is playful, but mature. You can DIY with some ribbon or buy some already structured clips. Supersize to add drama or minimise to keep it subtle.


Our prediction

From runway trends, we're predicting the next big hair accessories of Instagram will be 'non-hair' extensions and clip ins.

They perfectly continue this wave of early 2000's and 90's revival, and include the braids you used to get on the side of the road on your family holiday to Turkey, to grungy chained clip ins. We think they're coming our way.

For the more girly of us, strands of long, multicoloured beaded clips are coming our way (complete with those matching B-F-F beads), so we can live our Hannah Montana fantasy and call it fashion. It's such a fun way to add some personality and colour to everyday hair, perfect for festivals and events.

For the edgier look, chains are in. Clip in chain extensions appeared at Christian Siriano Fall 2019 runway and took our breath away. The perfect way to contradict a girly french braid is to add some industrial chains. We think influencers will be all over this trend so watch this space!

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