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The Hair Products Used By the Love Island Girls 2019

June 27, 2019

We are already 21 days into the villa! There have been so many iconic hair looks, from Lucie’s surfer waves to Molly-Mae’s trademark bun. The islanders always look flawless, so we've been pining after the hair products used by the Love Island girls. Love Island has its first ever hair sponsor this year, Vo5; which is great for us because we can steal the islander’s looks for a drugstore price. 

  1. Lucie

    The Cornish native has made a name for herself in the hair world for her humidity defying surfer-girl waves. It has been revealed that Lucie’s beachy curls are created with Vo5’s Sea Salt Spray, which you can buy for just under £3. Heat free and frizz free, what more could you ask for?

  2.  Anna

    The pharmacist bombshell has hair sleeker than the Jenner’s. The Tame & Shine Spray tames fly aways and adds shine, with the bonus of heat protection. She also probably knows a thing or two about which hair vitamins will give your hair its own natural shine back. B vitamins such as biotins are important for hair health, as well as vitamin A, C, Iron and Zinc. So next time you’re snacking on cheeses while watching Love Island, just remember you’re doing it for the biotins.

  3. Maura

    Similarly to Anna, Maura’s dark hair somehow defies the laws of humidity and remains blindingly glossy. This Mega Hold Gel Spray is applied on damp hair to prepare for a day of frizz-free glamour that protects against the heat (good for the islanders) and the drizzle (good for us).

  4. Molly-Mae

    When Molly’s hair is not up in that *ahem* bun, she’s got 20 inches of flowing ice blonde hair around her. Surprisingly, this is not her own hair, but extensions from celeb favourite BeautyWorks. Molly wears 20" Nano Bonds in the villa in a mix of shades 'Ivory' & 'Iced Blonde'. These will set you back at least £85 but god, don’t they look the part.

  5. Amber

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    Now, this is the groundbreaking one for us. How in that Love Island heat does Amber’s hair not inflate Monica Geller style in all that humidity? Vo5 has an answer, and it’s under a fiver.  Their Curl Defining Mousse is self proclaimed to create bouncy frizz free curls and even helps to protect hair from heat. You know us, we love a balayage and Amber’s brown to blonde ombre is a dream.

  6. Amy

    Another Love Island hair extension lover, Amy often styles her long blonde locks with loose curls, and those bad boys last all night. How do her curls stay intact during all that sitting, talking and walking around the villa, you ask? A firm hold hairspray, Vo5 appears again with yet more heat protection, frizz prevention and for under £4. 

  7. Arabella

    The new girl has certainly captured Danny’s heart (I think we all shed a tear for Yawande), and her dirty blonde hair colour has captured ours. We love doing all over blonde colours for clients and mixing highlights and lowlights in order to create your dream blonde. Arabella keeps it quite simple, and in her own words takes about 5 minutes to get ready in the morning (we’re jealous).


Which Islander do you want to see make it to the final? What Vo5 Love Island hair products are you going to steal from the girls?

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