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Toning: Your Questions Answered

August 4, 2022

Toning your hair can revitalise your colour and get your hair back to looking and feeling amazing. If your colour is in need of a touch up or you would like to change your colour completely, book an appointment at our hairdressers in Exeter. Our experienced colourists will create a look you love and get your hair back to looking its best.

What Is Toning?

Toning helps to control unwanted tones in your hair. For example, if your blonde hair has started to look brassy a toner will counteract this and get your hair back to its desired shade. Toners are not permanent and their effects will start to fade over time. 

How Does It Work?

Toning products work by depositing colour in the opposite shade of the hair colour that you would like to achieve. This helps to add a degree of warmth, coolness, or ‘tone’ to your hair. For example, purple toner will refresh blonde hair and reduce brassiness. 

Toner can also be used to enhance red hair or add more warmth into brunette shades. As the opposite colour is always used, for the best results use a blue toner on brown hair and a green toner on red hair. 

You can buy a range of shampoos and conditioners which provide a small amount of toning and help your hair to maintain its colour. Toning products to use at home are available to buy through our online store or call into our Exeter hair salon. 

Hair toner only deposits additional colour, and therefore won’t change the existing colour of your hair. If you want to change from brunette to blonde or vice versa you will need to use dye rather than a toner. 

Our Exeter hairdressers are able to carry out toning using semi-permanent toner. This lasts longer than a shampoo or conditioner but is best carried out by a professional. Our colourists will expertly apply the toner and make sure that the correct shade of toner is used to achieve your preferred colour.

Who Should Use Hair Toner?

Blonde hair is the most likely shade to benefit from a toner. Over time bleached hair can become dull and brassy, and is prone to absorbing pollution from the air. However, toner can also enhance other hair colours, including brunettes and reds. 

Toner can be used on uncoloured hair. However, it is important to remember that it can only change the shade of your colour, and therefore will not make your hair any darker or lighter.

Blonde hair toning

Does Toner Damage Hair?

Toner won’t damage your hair, but it can be drying. If you bleach your hair it will have already lost moisture during this process, so it is important to take extra care to keep your hair hydrated. Ideally, you want a toner that will also deeply condition your hair, such as a conditioner or hair mask. Our salon has a range of toning treatments that will also nourish your hair.

Do I Need To Visit A Salon?

Using toning shampoos and conditioner at home is a great way to keep your colour looking at it’s best. However, it is best to get semi-permanent toner applied in a salon. 

Our colourists at our hair salon in Exeter can advise you on the best products to use at home and only use high quality, professional products. They can also make up a personalised shade of toner based on the result that you would like to achieve. Book an appointment or call in and speak to one of our friendly team.

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