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Our Promise to You
All of our Exeter hairdressers are highly trained and will work tirelessly to ensure you are completely happy with the result.

If you aren’t we will keep working until you are. It is our job to ensure you leave our salon feeling amazing and we won’t stop until we achieve that for you.



Enhance your natural hair colour and accentuate your best features with some stunning highlights. A great way to brighten up and add depth to your hair without completely changing your look.

Your colourist will carefully select sections of hair to ensure an even distribution of colour, and lay them over a special foil. They will then apply lightner and fold them up to let your hair transformation take effect. The foils prevent the lightner from coming into contact with the rest of your hair, and we always use Bondpro or Olaplex to ensure that your hair stays healthy throughout the lightening process.

Highlights are a great option if you have darker hair and/or if you want your highlights to be 4 or more shades lighter than your natural colour. They can be used to create an exciting new look which aligns with your own personal style and taste.

Achieve a more subtle look by choosing a colour which is close to your natural colour, or if you fancy something more dramatic you can choose a colour which contrasts with the rest of your hair. Your highlights can be as thick or as thin as you would like, and your experienced colourist will use their skill to choose the placement of your highlights depending on how you want your colour to look.

Highlights, no matter what the colour, should complement the rest of your hair. If your natural hair colour is warm, it is best to go with warm-toned highlights. The same is true for cool-based hair colours. If you want a subtle look, choose a colour that is close to your natural colour. Or for a more dramatic look, choose a colour that will contrast with the rest of your hair.

Your colourist can help you achieve the look that you’re going for and will use at least two different colours to give your hair depth and dimension.

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Choosing your colour

Highlights Examples

T-Section Highlights Hair Colour
Half Head Highlights Hair Colour
Half Head
Full Head Highlights Hair Colour
Full Head

Choosing Your Colour

Find Your Perfect Shade

When choosing what colour to have your highlights it is worth taking into consideration both your skin tone and your current hair colour. This will help to bring out your best features and avoid too much contrast.

  • Natural Highlights Hair Colour

Cool, Pink or Blue Undertones

Ash, platinum, champagne, or baby blonde highlights perfectly complement those with cooler undertones. For those who have naturally darker hair, strawberry blondes, coppers, or lighter browns will add depth to your current hair colour.

Warm, Olive or Yellow Undertones

Rich golden, caramel, or honey coloured highlights bring out the natural radiance of those with warmer undertones. If you are looking for something a little darker, rich brown highlights in colours such as chestnut or mahogany will brighten your complexion and give your skin a beautiful glow.

How to book

To book an appointment simply click on the link below to use our online booking form.

If you would prefer to message us, or if you have any questions, simply click on one of our channels below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Alternatively if you would prefer to have a chat with us about your options prior to booking, or if you would just prefer to speak with a human we are always here to help! Simply give us a call on our main number:

01392 499162

We can’t wait to hear from you, and will always do what we can to answer any of your questions :)

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Natural Highlights Hair Colour

What to Expect at Your Appointment

We know that everyone is unique and that you will usually want something a little different. So, if you are new to The Hair Boutique, we will always book a consultation appointment prior to your colour service to ensure that we are giving you our very best service and that we fully understand the look you want to achieve. Sometimes getting your colour may take more than one appointment and we will always advise you of this at your consultation.

We will also give you a full breakdown of the price before booking anything. Should you wish to go ahead you can of course do that, or you may want to have a think about it, the choice is yours and we want you to feel comfortable and happy before you make an appointment with us.

At your colour service appointment, your stylist will review your customer records and discuss this with you to make sure that your hair colour goals are still the same.

All of our stylists are fully trained to use highly regarded Goldwell products, and will use the relevant shades to achieve your desired look.

If we are lightening your hair then your stylist will use a toner to finish the look and remove the unwanted warm and brassy tones. We only use Goldwell toners and your stylist will be fully trained with the latest range, so they will choose the exact toner to suit your needs.

Your stylist may recommend treatments to help with the condition of your hair. If we are using lightener then we will invariably recommend using Olaplex to maintain the strength and condition during the bleaching process.

We will always dry and style your hair to ensure you leave our salon looking and feeling amazing.

Your stylist will give you advice on how to maintain your look at home and may also recommend products to help your colour stay fresh. A home hair program is often an essential part of keeping your colour looking the same as the day you left the salon.

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