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5 Celeb Looks That Prove Pastel Hair Is Back

June 17, 2019

Fresh out of the early 2000’s, pastel hair is back in full force and we’re here for it. What better way is there to mix up your style than adding a pop of colour, whether it be a full head of pale blue or a balayage of princess pink. Either way, we’ve got your inspo covered, and your questions answered. Let’s see how it’s done by the pros.

1.Billie Eilish

Possibly the soul reason for pastel purple’s return, Billie Eilish. Her trademark grungy locks have reinvented the definition of pastel hair.  She flawlessly glides between blue, pink, purple and silver. Billie opts for the palest of each colour, giving off an effortlessly cool ‘this colour washed out 3 weeks ago but I don’t care’ vibe. 

2. The Hair Boutique 

Professionally dyed baby blue hair

For a more professional vibe, head to your salon to achieve A+ results. Dying your hair from any natural colour to a pale pastel is actually really hard to achieve with a packet of bleach and colour from Boots; I wish my 15 year old self had known that in hindsight. Our  Senior Stylist, Ljiljana, nailed this root to end baby blue look. The perfect statement on those warm summer days. More importantly, pale blue hair looks stunning wet, for those rainy English summer days.

3. Kylie Jenner

The Met Gala theme this year (as we all know) was camp. One person we can always rely on to bring the camp is Kylie Jenner. For us, it wasn’t the $8.6 million worth of diamonds she was wearing that stole the show, but her violet hair. Her stunningly sleek, subtle wet look gave the pastel hair a new maturity, and gave us major hair goals.

4. The Hair Boutique

Professionally dyed hair with baby pink ombre

If a bold colour isn’t really your style, a subtle pastel balayage is a great way to add a bit of spring fun to your hair. Combine this with curls and a bob and you’ve got the perfect youthful glow that continues through to summer. For this, or any other pastel look, head down to us at The Hair Boutique for a consultation and we’ll put some fun back in your hair.

5. Miley Cyrus (Ashley O)

Has anybody watched the new season of black mirror yet? We can't help but mention Miley Cyrus' character Ashley O from the already iconic episode 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too'. Although it's a wig, it still counts! The pearly pink bob complete with box fringe compliments Miley's face perfectly. We wish we could pull it off without looking like the girl from Lazytown.

Pastel FAQ's

Can I do it at home?

If you have blonde hair, brands such as Manic Panic do great pastel shades that you could experiment with (perhaps start with a few highlights or just the ends). If your hair is dark, bleaching your hair DIY style is not recommended unless you want to give your mum a good scare.

Does the colour fade quickly?

The paler the colour, the quicker it could fade. Deeper pastels are likely to last longer, but if it does fade you can always rock it out Billie Eilish style and pretend it was meant to look like that.  For more tips on coloured hair care, click here to view our blog post.

How can I maintain my colour?

It’s important to keep your hair looking strong and healthy, so make sure you know how to care for your pastel hair! If you get it done at a salon, ask your hairdresser for advice. Try washing your hair less frequently and use colder water. Hot water and frequent showers will make your hair follicles open up and allow your precious dye to escape! 


What pastel colour are you tempted to try out? Let us know in the comments! Call us to arrange a free consultation with one of our talented Stylists. 

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