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5 Steps To Long Lasting Curls

February 27, 2022

Bouncy curls look fantastic and are the perfect style for any occasion. Our hairdressers in Exeter specialise in styling hair for special events including proms, balls, and weddings

Check out our tips and enjoy beautiful curls that last all day. 

What You’ll Need…

  1. A good quality curling iron with an adjustable temperature and heated ceramic plates
  2. Duck bill clips
  3. Flexible hold hair spray
  4. Anti humidity spray

Step 1: Prepare

Curls will last longer on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed. Curl 2-3 days after shampooing for the best results. Get your tools ready and set your curling iron to the required heat setting. Thicker hair will need a higher level of heat than thin hair.

Step 2: Curl

Make sure the section that you are about to curl has been combed through and is smooth and flat. Each section should be small enough to fit into the barrel of the curling iron and lay flat against it. Spray each section with hairspray before curling using the curling iron.

Step 3: Hold

Drop the section of hair out of the curling iron and immediately use your hands to twist it back up into the exact same shape it was in while in the iron. Hold each section of hair in place using duck bill clips.

Step 4: Leave

Keep your hair in the clips for as long as possible. Leaving them in place for an hour is ideal, you could do this while you finish getting ready or take care of other tasks you need to complete. If you don’t have that long, the most important thing is that the hair has time to get cool. This allows your curls to set and helps to increase volume.

Step 5: Release

Slowly slide out the clips, and use your fingers to gently rake through your hair if you want. Spray on the humidity spray and finish with hair spray.

Follow these steps and you will have bouncy and symmetrical curls which will hold much longer than if you allowed your hair to fall straight out of the curling iron. If your curls still aren’t lasting for as long as you would like you could try adjusting the heat on your iron.

Alternatively, book an appointment at our Exeter hair salon if you have a big event coming up. Our stylists have all undergone thorough training and can give you extra tips for styling your hair at home based on your own unique hair type.

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