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8 Gorgeous Autumn Hair Colours Trending in 2022

September 29, 2022

Autumn is the season of the year when everything turns brown. The smell of cocoa and cider fills the air as leaves fall freely to the ground. One of the ways to get into the spirit of the season is by wearing autumn hair colours. 

We’ve compiled a list of fabulous hair colours that will serve as a guide, leading you to make a perfect choice. Are you blonde, brunette, or redhead? We’ve got excellent ideas that will make you turn multiple heads. 

Tag along to explore these flattering options. 

Charming Blond Hair colours For Autumn

Picking the right autumn hair colour can make a difference with every outfit you wear. These options will help you look your best. 

Honey Blonde Hair 

You can never go wrong with honey blond hair. It is a mixture of warm and dark shades with a touch of light brown. This colour is suitable for all skin tones and helps you make a statement anywhere you find yourself. 

You should go for this if you want to create an intense look. Honey blond hair colour offers you multiple shades and hues. You need to pick the perfect shade for your skin to avoid choosing one that doesn’t suit you. You can scroll through magazines or get the help of an experienced stylist to help you make your choice. 

Sun-Kissed Blonde Hair 

Autumn comes in the holiday season, and you must keep the vibe alive. A sun-kissed blonde hair does that and even much more. It gives you a natural look that easily blends with your skin tone. You can also play around with this jaw-dropping look by using lightning sprays that can bring it up by up to two shades. 

Do you want something more permanent? You can use highlights or leverage balayage to make it look distinct. This look is more subtle and gives the summer feel even in autumn. However, you must care for your hair using high-quality shampoo and conditioner to retain its beauty. 

Mushroom Blonde Hair 

The mushroom blonde hair is one of the trendiest that make it from summer into autumn. However, the name doesn’t sound as catchy as other blonde colours, but it is pretty interesting. Mushroom blonde hair is an ashy blonde shade that creates a cool look featuring multiple tones between blond and brunette. This is a perfect choice if you’re a blonde who wants to explore less intensely or a brunette who likes to lighten up your hair. 

Before you colour your hair, you should meet with a stylist who will recommend one that blends properly with your eyes and skin. For natural brunettes, you only need the shade of your hair increased by a few shades, while blondes can have colour applied directly to their hair to create the look. 

Brown Autumn Hair colours 

Brown is typically the colour of autumn, and it’s only natural that it’s among the colours you can explore during such time. Here are three autumn hair colours that you can choose:

Gingerbread Caramel Hair

This colour comes on hot every autumn with its orange hues and cool caramel highlights that create a warm feel. Gingerbread Caramel hair colour is a perfect way to keep yourself ready for winter and the festive season as it approaches. 

To create a subtle look, you can allow the roots to remain natural while making the areas around the face and ends lighter. This colour offers depth and some unique rosiness that complements your skin perfectly. If you’ve always dreamed of taking bolder steps regarding your hair, this colour is an excellent way to start. 

Chestnut Hair colour 

Most complexions are safe with chestnut hair that creates very little drama. It is a neutral colour that falls somewhere between violet and auburn. This hair colour is also one you can easily maintain. Despite its warmth, celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Zendaya have rocked this look on various occasions, increasing its popularity. 

Autumn Red Hairs 

Do you want an autumn hair colour that speak of boldness and vibrancy? That’s red. It has a juicy spice that adds to your look and is quite the type to take all the attention in the room. If you’re seeking such an effect, you should follow the different types closely to settle for the best. 

Red Velvet Hair 

This is a bright autumn hair colour that helps stand out on every occasion. colourists find it interesting to work with this colour, but know it's not suitable for everybody. But you can try it out if you’re big on taking risks. It helps create an alluring appeal that draws everyone in and keeps them stunned. 

Red velvet hair colour combines deep burgundy shades and fire-inspired colours to form a fierce look. Work with a stylist that’s intentional about looking for the best shade that suits you and one you trust to use high-quality bleaches and colour to get the preferred look.

Another thing you must note is that red velvet hair requires high maintenance, so you should get a shampoo and conditioner that restores its colour. 

Mahogany Red Hair 

It is a colour that combines red with brown to form a colour that is somewhat close to wine or burgundy but in a deeper shade. Mahogany red hair has a soft look and a versatile colour that can suit most skin tones. This autumn hair colour is a vivid and elegant colour that offers a wide variety and gives you a glowing look. However, it is mostly suitable for those with darker hair, mainly because it makes maintenance easier. 

Final Thoughts

After you’ve decided on the autumn hair colour that suits you best, you must also be careful with the hair products you apply to your hair. Only use the ones your trusted stylist has carefully verified to avoid damaging your hair. In other cases, you can check for customer reviews or recommendations from friends to ensure you’re safe. Another aspect that matters is the shade of the hair you’re wearing, and you need an experienced eye to help you determine the one that matches. 

Do you need someone to help change your look? Contact us to create that fiery look. We’re just a click away.

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