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Are You Using The Correct Shampoo For Your Hair Type?

September 22, 2022

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair can be quite a hassle. You will have to match the details on the bottle with what you have on your head. Finding the perfect shampoo is like hitting a goldmine, especially after you’ve been in need for a long time. This is because the shampoo and hair products you choose have a significant role to play in your hair’s health. 

Human hair is said to be made of protein. Your body must ingest protein to produce healthy hair. This is why you cannot afford the luxury of using the wrong products because it can cause severe damage to your hair. 

Have you searched long and hard for the right shampoo to no avail? Read this article till the end to find out just what you need to take your hair journey to the next level. First, let’s discuss why you need to choose the right one. 

Why Is It Important To Choose The Appropriate Shampoo For Specific Hair Types? 

You’re about to discover why you cannot pick any random shampoo for your hair without considering your hair type. These details will blow your mind!

  • The first thing shampoos help you with is cleaning the dirt and oil in your scalp’s follicles. Making your choice based on your specific hair type, scalp, and the regular problems associated with it can significantly impact your hair growth. Your scalp can be either dry or oily, or a combination of both; the shampoo that works for each type is different. 
  • Choosing the appropriate shampoo for your hair type will help you achieve better results. For example, using a colour-special shampoo for your coloured hair will perform more functions than settling for a normal one. It will cleanse your hair and protect it from breakage while preserving its colour. When you settle for the wrong shampoo for your hair type, you’re limiting the possibilities of what your hair can look like. 
  • Another reason that you must consider is your scalp's health. If your hair is prone to dandruff, it is safer to use shampoos with ketoconazole that will solve your problems. That will help your scalp remain fresh. 
  • It reduces the possibility of dealing with hair damage. With the massive number of hair products circulating on the market, it is easy to fall victim to bad ones that can harm your hair. The best shampoos are the ones that will cleanse your hair and still retain the essential oils that protect your hair from damage. 
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Are You Using The Correct Shampoo For Your Hair Type? 3

How To Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Since we’ve established the importance of using the right shampoo for your hair, we must guide you through making an excellent choice. 

Fine and Flat Hair 

If you have flat hair, you need a shampoo that will help you boost it. Using the KMS ADD VOLUME shampoo will set the stage for you to enjoy healthier hair. This product contains ingredients that help strengthen your hair and uplift it from the roots so it doesn’t remain flat on your head. Combining this shampoo with the ADD VOLUME Leave-in Conditioner will quicken its performance on your hair and retain the nutrients in your hair while washing. 

One of the significant concerns with people who have fine hair is that they often steer clear of hair products because they fear their hair cannot handle them. But you need not worry about the KMS product because it has polymers that scaffold your hair to look fuller. You can decide to blow-dry the hair and style it whichever way you want. 

Thick and Frizzy Hair 

You must go for more moisture if you want to tame your thick, freezy, or afro hair. The right shampoo for this type of hair is the one that replenishes your hair with nourishing ingredients that make it look manageable. The KMS TAMEFRIZZ shampoo and conditioner are fantastic products that will help you detangle and even out your hair. 

Have you always wanted the frizz in your hair to stop forming? The TAME FRIZZ primer will help you smooth everything out and makes styling your hair more manageable. You can also use the TAME FRIZZ De-Frizz oil to seal the cuticle and keep the hair in shape throughout the day or night. 

Coloured Hair

Coloured hair probably requires more maintenance than other hair types because the dye will fade faster if you choose the wrong shampoo. Apart from that, it could damage your hair. The right kind of shampoo for coloured hair is designed to nourish the hair while retaining its colour. 

KMS COLOR VITALITY was designed using boosting protective polymers that keep the colour intact and help you fully maximise the beauty of your dye. And if you’re blonde, you can get the dedicated shampoo and conditioner that KMS offers to make it look fresh every time. Also, when your hair is bleached, it tends to be dry, which is why you need products that will nourish it.  

Combination Hair 

Do you know that there’s combination hair? You might be wondering, what type of hair is that? Well, it's the kind that is greasy at the roots and dry around the tips. It is often difficult to find the right hair products for this hair. However, we’ve got you covered. 

You need a shampoo that will give your hair hydration from the roots to the ends. Greasy hair is caused when sebum is overproduced, and the scalp is moisturised. Using the KMS MOIST REPAIR shampoo helps restore your hair's natural coating and ensures that it remains clean. You should also get the KMS MOIST REPAIR conditioner, which will help you tackle your hair’s dry ends. It will make it easy for you to run your brush over it without worrying that it will tangle. 

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Final Thoughts

A good shampoo goes beyond cleaning your hair; it also has ingredients to help nourish your hair. Choosing the appropriate shampoo for your hair type is almost like getting the right drugs for a particular sickness. Choosing the right one can work wonders, but the wrong one can cause much damage. 

Do you need help with your hair? Reach out to us today to enjoy our premium services.

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