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8 Hair Trend Predictions That Will Dominate 2023

December 28, 2022

A new year is a perfect time to try a new look. With your new year's resolutions in tow, it's necessary to heck out our hair trend predictions to allow you to find the perfect look that matches the new "you." 

Knowing the right hairstyles for the new year can be tricky because people get over trends quickly. However, after consulting with numerous hairstylists, we came up with this list to help you gain a fresh look. 

How To Choose the Right Hairstyle in 2023

I know you're pumped about changing your look, and that's how it should be. However, before you start checking out our hair trend predictions, you need to know how to choose the right one for yourself. 

Settling for the wrong hairstyle may highlight unflattering features and make you feel less confident. None of these outcomes is what you want, especially in a new year. However, you can save cost, time, and energy by considering these factors before you settle for the perfect hair choice. 

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How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Texture and Face shape.

Some hairstyles blend better with your face shape than others. Although people can wear any hairstyle they like, if finding the perfect hairstyle that blends perfectly with your face is the goal, then you might have to take more time learning about different hairstyles.

Generally, face shapes are divided into six: oval, long, square, round, diamond, and heart-shaped. 

  • Heart-Shaped 

For people with a heart-shaped face, focusing on your eyes and cheekbones is way better.

  • Long face 

If your hair is long, it naturally makes your face longer too. Long-faced women should go for shorter styles.

  • Oval face 

Almost all hairstyles fit perfectly with this shape, so you must focus on styles that flatter your hair texture if you have an oval face.

  • Round face 

Short curly, or wavy hair below the chin is a great option for a round face. Short styles flatter the face and make a round face look longer.

  • Square face 

Focus on a strong and angular jaw with curly ends to make your face look more attractive.


Often, ladies need help understanding their hair texture. Hair texture refers to the properties of each strand of hair. It is generally classified into three categories:

  1. Fine 

Extremely soft and thin individual strands characterize fine hair texture. The problem with most people with finely-textured hair face is that it is difficult to curl and gets damaged easily if it is overly exposed to heat and harsh chemicals.

  1. Medium 

Medium-textured hair is the normal hair texture that everyone is familiar with. If you have medium-textured hair, you are one of the lucky ones. It is easy to process, manage and absorb products easily.

  1. Coarse 

Coarse hair has thick hair strands and gives a stiff feeling. The fantastic thing about this type of hair is that it is strong and can withstand adverse conditions without getting damaged. Furthermore, the limiting thing about this type of hair is that it takes longer to process and doesn't absorb products easily.

7 Hair Predictions That Will Dominate 2023 

  1. Bang 

The beautiful thing about bangs is that they have a simple look and a distinctive and different look. It covers the forehead by falling over the scalp slightly above the eyebrows. It is one hairstyle you should look forward to in 2023.

  1. Deep Side Part 

A deep side part resembles a normal side part, but the part slides out a little bit more. The positioning of the deep part is crucial; it should be around the outer arch of your eyebrows. It is one of the styles to anticipate in the coming year.

  1. Bob Cut 

Bob cut is officially one of the anticipated hairstyles to expect in 2023. It is a classy and bold look that you can rock on any occasion. 

Bot cut hairstyle is incredibly easy to style and maintain. All you need is the right set of products to keep up with this chic look. There is absolutely no way this look will be left behind.

  1. Vintage Locks 

The hairstyle came into existence in the 80s. It is usually long and allows you to style it as you like. This is a great option to consider if you want a striking look that gives an eclectic vibe.

  1. Bold Hues 

Hair colouring is a style that has come to stay. Vibrant hues of different colours should be expected next year. More people are exploring hair colouring because it allows them to express their adventurous and fun side.

  1. Slicked Back 

Slicked-back hair when it is properly done can make you look transformed and completely modern. Several celebrities like Rosie Huntington and Kristen Stewart are completely in love with the slicked-back look and rock it with style. More people will try this look because of the stunningly sleek and wet finish.

  1. Side Swept Pixie 

A pixie cut is an excellent haircut for ladies with thin hair and long face. The short appearance makes the look bolder, and a gel is your best asset for the side-swept pixie because it is neat and perfectly tamed. Side-swept pixies are suitable for women of all ages, from old to young. The versatility is one of the major reasons it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Hair Colour Trends in 2023

Hair trend predictions change seasonally, but one major trend that has been able to stand the test of time is the hair colour trend. There are diverse eye-catching shades which include:

image of Kim Kardashian with our Hair Trend Predictions toasted caramel coloured hair
  • Toasted Caramel 
  • Golden Tones
  • Amber Balayage 
  • Copper
  • French Vanilla 
  • All over Gloss
  • Cherry Chocolate 
  • Barbie Blonde
  • Mocha Chocolate 
  • Colour blocking
  • Coffee Tones 
  • Dopamine Glam
  • Chunky Highlights 
  • Spiced Blondes 
  • Chunky Highlights 

Final Thoughts 

Often we go into the new year with many resolutions, the most important one being redefining yourself by staying in vogue with hair trends. Especially if you are a fun and adventurous person, you can try out any of these hairstyles because they will dominate in 2023, and you should be part of the people to make the first move.

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