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How Often Should Your Wash Your Hair For Hair Growth?

October 6, 2022

When you're asked how often you should bathe or brush your teeth, you already have a prepared answer. But why not your hair? Some people make it a sport to wash their hair every day as they bathe; what good is that? 

Others wash their hair twice a week by harnessing the power of dry shampoos to get the job done. Since everybody is almost an expert in the beauty industry, it's difficult for you to determine what the perfect answer should be. Luckily, we've taken our time to hear from professionals in the industry with long years of experience. 

Read until the end to learn how to care for your hair effectively. 

How Many Times Should You Wash Your Hair A Week? 

There's no direct answer to this question and this is not an attempt to sound cliche. You have to consider your hair type and personality before determining the number of times to wash your hair in a week. Some people are fine with washing their hair every day, while others prefer to keep their hair oily. 

If your hair is dry, you have to pay more attention to nourishing it with the right hair products, which means you wouldn't need to wash it so often. However, if your hair is prone to dandruff or you have an oily scalp, you should shampoo it for your scalp to remain fresh. Perhaps you fall under the second category and must wash your hair every day or two days. 

When you fail to wash your hair regularly, it can begin to stink, which doesn't give you a good impression. It can also affect hair growth and even damage your hair. Washing your hair regularly based on the peculiarity of your hair, the activities you engage in, and the problems your hair has. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair Based On Your Hair Type? 

For every hair, there's an estimated number of times that you have to wash it to maximise its impact on your hair growth fully. If your hair is dry, curly, or afro, you must add some moisture to it when washing it. You can use a mask to add moisture to the hair even when you're not washing it. 

Suppose you're one of those with naturally curly hair; you can add water to the hair to ensure that it looks its best at all times. Then, you can decide to use shampoo on other occasions. 

And if you fall under the category of those with fine and flat hair lacking in volume, you must wash your hair regularly. The same frequency applies to those with oily roots. Those who go to the gym regularly should wash their hair to avoid retaining dirt and sweat. 

Can You Regulate The Amount Of Oil Your Hair Produces? 

One topic that seems to fascinate Gen Z's to no end is the ability to train your hair to produce less oil. This process means missing some days to wash your hair with the hope that it will become less oily. 

Your hair works similarly to your skin. In the same way, you can cleanse your skin vigorously with the hope that it will produce more oil; you can also perform the same process for your hair. One way to go about it is skipping a shampoo day and using a dry shampoo later. 

If you wash your hair regularly, it will produce more oil. However, you must use a gentle shampoo that will help you wash your hair and keep your hair hydrated at the same time. With the right product for your hair, you can easily tap into your hair's full potential. 

What Happens If You Only Wash Your Hair With Water? 

Many naturalists have emerged exploring the effect of washing your hair only with water. The regular way is to use shampoos and conditioners for washing your hair, what then happens when you use only water? 

Yes, you can wash your hair with only water because it's believed to help you retain the natural oils in your hair. Shampoos are hard and can strip the hair of these nutrients. Some people have decided to use only water to wash their hair. It is a suitable routine for all hair types to moisturise your hair naturally. 

There are numerous benefits of using a water-only method for washing your hair. They include: 

Reduces Sebum 

Using the water-only method for cleansing your hair helps decrease the natural oils in your hair. If you're consistent with it, it will make your hair less greasy. 

Prevents Breakage 

With the water-only method, your hair will grow more resistance against breakage, especially when combing it. It's better than shampoo because water helps retain the hair's natural oils.

Better Moisture 

Most shampoos don't have the moisturising effect that water has. This is why most hair products leave the hair feeling dry. But with water, you don't have to bother about that. 

In A Nutshell 

You cannot be running around every day and not wash your hair, and it doesn't look good on you. Regular washing of hair shows good hygiene because it removes the dirt stuck in your hair. It can also impact your hair in numerous ways and set you on a path of growing your hair better. 

If you're interested in using shampoo, there are now natural products you can choose from in the market that nourishes your hair. However, if you're eager to try out the no-poo method, you can also use that to gain your desired results. 

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