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How To Look After Long Hair

July 7, 2022

Long hair can look fantastic when given the right care and attention, but if neglected it can start to look limp and dull. Check out these top tips from our hairdressers in Exeter to keep your long hair in great condition.

Stick To A Haircare Routine

Regularly washing and conditioning long hair can be time consuming but it is essential if you want to keep your locks healthy and full of shine. Grease attracts dirt and will leave long hair looking dull and flat. 

When washing your hair, squeeze out the excess water before applying conditioner. This helps the conditioner to soak into your hair. Leaving your conditioner on for at least a few minutes will help you to achieve the best results.

Strengthen your hair and keep it beautifully soft by using a deep conditioning treatment every month or two. It is always worth investing in premium products to keep your hair looking at its best. Call into our Exeter hair salon to browse the high quality products on display.

Don’t Skip Salon Visits

Regular trims remove split ends and are necessary to keep your hair in good condition. Getting your hair cut may seem counter productive if you want to maintain your length or grow it, but if split ends are not removed they will travel further up your hair shaft and lead to you losing more length when you do eventually visit a salon.

Visit the salon every 8 weeks or so to freshen up your style and keep your hair looking at its best. Book an appointment with our Exeter hairdressers who will treat you to a luxurious head massage and make sure you walk out of the salon looking and feeling amazing.

Style With Care

Long hair needs to be carefully looked after to stay in good condition. Due to the length, it is likely to take a while for your hairdryer to completely dry your hair. This means that it will be exposed to heat for quite a while which makes damage more likely. Let your hair air dry whenever possible, and keep the use of heated styling tools such as straighteners to an absolute minimum.

Brush your hair carefully and gently to reduce the risk of breakage. A paddle brush is a great choice to make long straight hair look shiny, while a round brush is the best choice for hair that is long and wavy. Hair is more fragile when wet, so use a wide tooth comb to style wet hair rather than your usual brush to reduce the risk of breakage. 

Find What Works For You

Take the time to look after your locks and you will be rewarded with healthy hair which is beautifully smooth and shiny. If you want to refresh your style or would like a trim, book an appointment at our friendly hair salon in Exeter. Our stylists will make you feel at home and give you personalised tips based on your own unique hair type. 

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