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How To Prevent Split Ends Without Cutting Hair

October 14, 2022

Split ends occur when the tip of your hair becomes brittle and dry, looking like the end of an unraveled rope. When split ends occur, your hair breaks into two; although it can be found in other parts of the hair, it's mainly at the end. 

One of the popular ways of getting rid of them is through candle cutting, a technique that came into the limelight thanks to Alessandra Ambrosio. However, you need a professional stylist to help cut the hair to avoid causing further damage to the strands. 

Can you only get rid of split ends by cutting your hair? Are there other ways you can get the job done? Find healthy and easy ways to prevent split ends without grabbing scissors or candles to slice through your hair. 

What Causes Split Ends? 

Various reasons cause split ends and prevent your hair from being healthy. These reasons include: 

Heat Styling 

Using straighteners and curlers regularly on your hair strips it of moisture, thus making it prone to breakage. It takes stamina away from the hair, leaving it fragile. 

Terrible Hair Habits 

Everyday habits contribute to poor hair health; these habits stress the hair and cause splitting. Bad habits like combing tangled hair, drying your hair with a towel, and having your hair tied to the back while sleeping can lead to split ends. 


Weather is another cause of split ends, and it is a situation that you have little control over. When the hair is exposed to direct sun rays, it loses humidity, leading to dryness, a major feature of split ends. However, you can use heat protectants to prevent hair damage. 

Other causes of split ends include applying chemicals and the wrong products to your hair. These situations can suck out your hair's life and weaken it. 

How to Prevent Split Ends: 6 Proven Ways To Try Out 

Preventing split ends regardless of your hair type is an intentional step that you must take towards keeping healthier hair. It starts with changing most of your regular habits that can damage your hair. You must take the little steps required to gain remarkable results on your hair journey. 

Here are some ways you can follow: 

Be Gentle 

Stop brushing your hair like you’re preparing for World War 3! This will damage your hair. Get a high-quality brush that allows you to comb through your hair with ease. Make sure the brush has soft bristles, making it challenging to pull your mane while brushing. The best type of brush is a wide-toothed one that prevents hair from getting damaged. 

Another essential tip to note is that you should avoid brushing your hair immediately after a shower, as it increases its chances of splitting. When drying your hair, avoid twisting it so it doesn't get brittle. 

Prepare Your Hair For Bed 

People often have nighttime routines for their faces and bodies but not for their hair. If you're going to prevent split ends, then you must learn to prepare your hair before you sleep. You move around a lot when sleeping, and this could make your hair form knots. This situation can cause the hair to weaken and splinter. 

However, to avoid such a situation, you can tie your hair into a loose bun or plait it to remain in order while you toss it on your bed. You can also invest in a silk pillowcase to improve your hair condition. Another golden hack you can use is tucking in your tresses before bedtime. That singular act can make all the difference. 

Turn Down The Heat 

Straighteners, hair dryers, and curlers are great heat tools that help you style your hair beautifully. However, this heat can cause split ends. To avoid this, you can reduce the number of times you use these tools. This way, you can protect your hair. 

Keep your straighteners at around 180 degrees and slowly pass them through your hair shaft to prevent hair breakage. As you straighten the hair, use a comb as a guide, so you don't straighten out tangled hair. Using a heat protectant will also prevent split ends, including those caused by sun rays. 

Eat Healthy Food 

Do you know that the quality of food you eat affects the quality of your hair? Well, now you know. You have to eat nourishing meals rich in vitamins and minerals that can help your hair grow strong and shiny. In some cases, you can decide to go the extra mile by using supplements if you think eating a balanced diet is not doing the job that you want. 

Some supplements you can try out include folic acid and biotin, which are known for the high level of improvement that they offer your hair, especially in length and thickness. These supplements help you produce red blood cells that facilitate hair growth. You must also drink lots of water because it serves as long-term protection against split ends and revitalizes you. This is an effective method of nourishing your hair from the inside out. 

Condition Your Hair

On the journey to having healthier hair, one of the things you must never do without is a conditioner. This is an effective method that keeps your hair hydrated and prevents dryness. You can also combine it with a high-quality shampoo that will help in protecting the hair and reinforce it with moisture. This will make it look shiny and allow it to look nice. 

Use High-Quality Products

If you love your hair, you must use the right conditioner, shampoo, and styling products. Clarifying shampoo can harden your hair and remove the necessary oils to impact its growth. This is why it is best to avoid them.

Also, avoid harsh products, toxic chemicals, and other ingredients damaging your hair. Before purchasing any hair product, imbibe the habit of checking through all the ingredients contained in it. Play it safe by using only natural products for your hair. 

Final Thoughts 

Apart from trimming your hair regularly, there are some more convenient ways that you can use to prevent the recurrence of split ends. These methods will save you from the agony of watching someone else slice through your hair, especially when you’ve put so much effort into growing it. 

However, if you already have split ends, you cannot avoid cutting your hair. In this situation, you need the skillful hands of a seasoned stylist to help you redeem your hair back to glory. For more details about your hair, contact us today.

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