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Platinum Card - The Ultimate Lightening Technique

January 27, 2023

The platinum card lightening technique is in vogue these days. It is a modern-day version of lightening hair; with darker hair, your hair can be lifted lighter than with regular lightning and bleach techniques. You don't have to worry if your hair is naturally dark; with a few visits to the salon, you'll be stunned by the outcome.

This article will discuss the ultimate platinum card lightning technique and essential factors to consider before jumping on the trend. Sounds exciting, right?

What Exactly is The Platinum Card Lightening Technique All About?

Platinum card lightened white hair

It is a bleaching technique that covers the entire hair in foil to achieve a lighter shade or platinum. It is an advanced type of bleaching because it is often enclosed in a foil and requires very fine sections.

Every section of the hair is lightened using bleach and then wrapped in foils; this takes time and allows the bleach to stay long on the hair as the bleach does not dry out. With this technique, you can become platinum blonde within the shortest possible time.

There are different shades of platinum hair;

  • Pure Platinum white hair
  • Pale Yellow white hair
  • Lilac Platinum white hair
  • Silvery white hair

It is only possible to get some of these shades with a toner. Although bleaching your hair and achieving a light enough tone for these platinum shades became much easier with the platinum card lightning technique.

8 Things To Know Before Going Platinum

Start by assessing the health of your hair.
Before jumping on the platinum hair trend, the first thing to do is to ensure your hair is healthy enough to withstand that level of stress and manipulation. If your hair is brittle, dry, or broken and compromised, it is better to exercise patience until the hair is better.

Platinum card lightning can damage the hair because of the harsh chemicals used. So, going platinum on damaged or compromised hair is likely to destroy or compromise your hair health To improve your overall hair health, it is advisable to deep condition regularly and use bond-restoring products such as the ones below:

Know what you are getting into

Going platinum blonde is a huge step, and you must be sure that you know what you are getting yourself. Book a free consultation with us to gather as much information as possible on the entire lighting process aftercare and what you can expect to achieve; depending on how dark your hair is, it might need more time before the lightning process concludes. Also, you can try out several blonde wigs or filters on your phone to be sure that going blonde is a good decision that will leave you looking more beautiful, stylish, and confident.

Go for quality products

Make intelligent choices, and go for products that help to strengthen the hair and bring back the broken bonds in the essential components of the hair. This includes a deep conditioner; home or in-salon repair treatments such as Olaplex and a gentle salon shampoo and conditioner like the ones below.

salon product recomendations oloplex range

Have a budget

Unless your hair is close to blonde, regular visits to the salon are inevitable. You must schedule a frequent visit every four to 6 weeks. Leaving your roots to grow for extended periods increases the risk of hair breakage and makes lifting the hair to the same shade difficult.
If rocking platinum hair is the goal, create a budget for it monthly because retouches are crucial.

Dark Roots or No Roots

Leaving some dark roots gives a more subtle look and can be combined with a root smudge to create a gentle transition into the platinum and allow for longer visits between salon visits. You can choose between leaving dark roots or bleaching the hair entirely and letting the roots grow out later. Both options are stunning, depending on your style, but you must choose only one option.
The tone of your platinum hair

Platinum hair comes in different colours and shades. It is essential to go for a shade that matches your skin tone and makes your skin pop.

Purple Shampoo is a must-have
It is easy for platinum hair to lose its unique blonde colour by becoming more yellow due to exposure to moisture, sunlight and shampooing which removes toner. Think of purple shampoo as an at-home toner which fights away unwanted yellow tones!

What happens when your platinum hair adventure is over?

The lightning process is not permanent; reversing the whole thing by dying your hair black or brown is not as straightforward as it may seem. You must “fill” previously bleached hair with warm colours such as reds and oranges which were removed during the bleaching prosses. After this you can apply the colour you would like to be, darker shades can sometimes look green and patchy if the hair is not prepared by a professional stylist who is familiar with the colour wheel.
The Ultimate Platinum Card Lightening Technique

  • Step 1
    Start with the part of the hair that takes the longest to process, apply a lightener to very fine sections and fold the hair into the foils. Continue the process until the entire hair is fully covered. You must ensure your lifting game is on point, and all sections must be properly and evenly lifted.
  • Step 2
    Once all sections have been foiled, confirm that the lifting process is up to speed after working from back to front by checking out the foils. The edges lift faster, and you must pay attention to them and will likely have to remove fully processed foils first because all parts of the hair must lift evenly and to the same level.
    Step 3
    Once the foil changes to a pale yellow colour, start pulling off the foils. Starting with the back helps to slow down the blonding process. Apply the lightener afresh, wear a glove and saturate the hair with your hands. Put the lightener on all areas that need to be brighten up.
  • Step 4
    Repeat the previous process until you are completely satisfied with the hair lifting and consistency, which will be easier than it was in the foils.
  • Step 5
    Tone the hair with a toner till the desired shade is achieved. There are different toning formulas to try out. When toning your hair, it is also essential to consider your skin tone, and you must pick a shade that blends with it.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate platinum card lightening technique gives an excellent platinum look; with platinum cards, you can reach your platinum hair goals faster than you can ever imagine. This technique offers maximum lift and hair control after a single session

The platinum card lightning technique is the fastest way to bleach your hair from the roots to the ends effortlessly. To achieve better results, you should settle for a stylist that offers exceptional results.

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