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The Definitive Guide To Salon Blow Drys

September 10, 2019

Salon Blow Drys are back, baby! They've been our best friend since the 1960's, and they're back with full force.

For those of us not impulsive enough to go for a new drastic cut or colour, the blow dry is the best way to get that salon feeling without the commitment. Pick your mood, feeling flirty? professional? glamorous? there's a blow dry for that. A great boost of confidence when you're not feeling your best, a blow dry can put a spring in your step and a big ol' curl in your hair.

When done at a professional salon and with some careful hair care, blow drys can last from 2-4 days. At the Hair Boutique, our blow drys include a relaxing wash and head massage, the use of salon products and your choice of styling.

There are unlimited possibilities for blow dry finishes, how could you possibly pick one? Here's some of our favourite blow drys that you can achieve at your local hair salon:

1.Loose Curls

Everyone's favourite TV presenter Holly Willoughby is always repping the loose wave blow dry. Effortless and tousled, loose waves are an easy way to look 10/10 without trying too hard. It's a look that you could recreate at home, but nothing compares to salon products. Over a couple days, the curls will slowly melt into your hair and create a beach babe look you can ride all the way to day 4.

2. Straight Sleek Sally

Much loved by the Kardashian's, a sleek straight blow dry will give you 'put together business woman' vibes like no other. The crucial part of this blow dry is the products used to achieve the high shine, that's what sets apart the blow drys from the meh drys. Our salon also has a Glow Dry service if you fancy going the extra mile. If you want your hair to behave, Straight Sleek Sally is going to be your bff. Couple her with a blunt cut and you mean business.

3. Wham Glam Thank You Ma'am

Channel your inner Bettie Page with the soft Hollywood glamour of these loose curls. Perfect for special occasions, or if you're just feeling a little extra. Pair with a ribbon or headband for bonus cute points.

4. Max Volume

Layers of curls packed into a voluminous root to give you DRAMA. Flaunt around your bouncy curls with a Mufasa level mane. The salon will have the best products and techniques to ensure your hair doesn't fall flat after 20 mins. At the Hair Boutique, we tailor each blow dry to your hair type. That means you're getting the perfect products for your hair, making it stronger and softer after every blow dry.

5. Mermaid Wave

Somewhat our speciality at the Hair Boutique, a wave that looks killer in the light and snaps a great photo. It's like you've just freshly emerged from the ocean in a Disney film, hence the name mermaid wave. Also known as the 'off duty model' wave because it's an effortless everyday look. There is not one hair out of place but equally, none held stiff in place. It's a wonderful thing.

6. Root To End Ringlets

The curliest curls. They start high at the root and cascade all the way down to the ends. A good blow dry is a great base to build ringlets, using salon products will keep your curls intact without crunchy layers of hairspray. We weren't all blessed with Camilla Cabello's natural ringlets.

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