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Would You Suit Bangs?

September 15, 2022

Are you looking for an innovative way to change your look? Do you wonder if bangs will suit you? Well, you’re about to find out. 

Bangs help you transform your look quickly, and there are different types that you can choose from, which means you’re more likely to find the one that suits you. They can bring out your best features and make the shape of your face come out. 

If you love to break some rules, a fringe offers you the option of exploring new options that you can rock regardless of the shape of your face. You can get that sassy, badass look that you've always dreamed of. Getting bangs is a nice way to start a new season of your life. It requires some risk though but we're cheering you on. 

What Are The Benefits of Having Bangs 

If you've always wondered why getting a fringe is even necessary, here are some points that will make you a believer. 

Bangs Give Your More Volume

Bangs are a great option for you if you're tired of your hair looking flat and lifeless all the time. With some clips from your hairstylist, you can turn your boring hair into something you utterly admire. 

They Make Your Look Younger 

If you're in your 40s or 50s, a fringe helps you cut down some years in your look. Forever young, with bangs, can always be a reality and not a faraway dream that might never be actualized. They make your wrinkles less obvious and soften your look. 

Bangs Can Hide Your Skin Issues 

Do you have a skin problem on your face or around your forehead that has agonised you for years? One of the sure ways to tackle it is by covering it with bangs. You can use fringe as a disguise to cover your pimples or even an over-plucked eyebrow. 

They Offer Your Hair Versatility 

Styling your hair the same way, especially for many years is a lacklustre event that can put anybody to sleep. With bangs, you can look chic and explore different hairstyles at once. You can decide to get a fringe, blunt or even clip the bangs completely when you don't want them. You can access numerous choices with bangs. 

It Makes You Look Polished 

According to Melissa Kenny from Elle Australia, people assume that fringe owners are more organised and tidy. Imagine going for a job interview with your bangs all shiny and sleek, you're already sending a message to your recruiter about your personality. Interesting, right? 

How Do You Know If Bangs Will Suit You? 

There's no specific measure of whether bangs will suit you or not. It all depends on the type of face that you have and your personal preferences. You need to decide whether you're cool with having hair on your face or not before you take the bold step of getting bangs. If you get easily irritated or frustrated with hair all over your face, then you would have to opt for another style. 

Also, getting a fringe requires that you go for regular trims to avoid it getting to your face or just looking awkward. You need to ask yourself if you're willing to sacrifice the time required to maintain the hairstyle. Also, if you wear glasses regularly, it might cause a little hassle. 

If you've thought of all these and you still decide to pull through with bangs, you need to talk to your hairstylist. Getting advice from your hairstylist will set you on the right track to get the perfect hair texture and also use the right products for maintenance. Beyond that, they can offer valuable styling tips.  

What Are The Best Type Of Bangs For Your Face Shape? 

Regardless of how bold you want to be about your look, there are still certain styles that are suitable for certain face shapes. If you get bangs that are not suitable for your face shape, they can all go wrong too quickly. Whether your face is round, oblong, square or long, we've got the appropriate styles that will suit you. 

Best For Round Faces

  • Side Bangs: This is easily one of the most popular types. Although other face shapes try it out, it is particularly alluring on those with round faces. It makes your face look more oval and gives it more length. 
  • Blunt Micro Bangs: If you love the kind of bangs that leave much space between your fringe and your brows, this is a perfect choice. They are short and more unlikely to get into your face. 

Best For Oblong Faces 

  • A-Shaped Bangs: Celebrity stylist, Marcus Francis, believes strongly that A-shaped bangs suit oblong faces and we believe him. It gives prominence to the eyes and helps in softening your jawline. 
  • Long, Layered Bangs: This is the best way for those with thin hair to make their hair look fuller. It suits those with oblong faces because it balances their features. You can settle for curtain bangs which offer a stress-free process for styling. 

Best For Heart Face Shapes 

  • Crescent Bangs: It has a flattering look which is usually wide on top and draws to your chin at some point. This look is also 70s-inspired and can also be feathery and long. 
  • Baby Bangs: This style draws all the attention to your eyes and gives you a soft look. You can ask your stylist to make it feathery so it will look great. 

Best For Oval Face Shapes 

  • Softened Blunt Bangs: If you're looking for a style that will draw all the attention from your long mouth and chin, this is a perfect style to settle with. Soft, blunt bangs fall right on your face to create a captivating look. 
  • Medium Bangs: You can take more daring steps with your oval face shape because of the space that's there. They are longer than micro bangs but must be above your brows. It suits curly hair types best. 

Best For Long Face Shapes 

  • Angled Side Bangs: A long face has a high forehead which can help you highlight the right areas. It is a diagonal angle that puts attention on your lips and eyes instead of your forehead. 
  • Grown-Out Bangs: You can keep the fringe around your brows to have an appealing look. Avoid trimming these too often so they can provide the right effect. 

Bottom Line 

Changing your look can be a tough decision to make, especially with a bold look like bangs. But you've got nothing to lose by trying out something new. Be spontaneous today and find the right fringe for your face. 

Do you need your bangs to be eye-catching? Contact us now to get better results.

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